Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of components such as shrouds, housings, spouts etc for switchgear industry.

We have a large product range in this catogory. Most of these components are made as per customers’ specific requirement. Components for use on GIS are also made in large numbers. The voltage class upto which we supplied these components is 400 KV.

Epoxy Resin Cast Components

SF6 Application Components     198
11KV Epoxy Housing-4     206
11KV Epoxy Straight Spout (1250 amp)     305
24KV Epoxy Bushing Plate     192
11KV Epoxy Bushing Plate-2     204
11KV Epoxy Bushing Plate-1     182
Epoxy Lever     198
11KV Epoxy Housing-1     190
11KV Epoxy Straight Spout (2000 amp)     195
Epoxy Motor Terminal Block (E-Type)     225
11KV Epoxy Fire Proof, Explosion Proof Bushing 216
33KV Epoxy Housing     184
11KV Epoxy Housing-2     211
Epoxy Motor Terminal Bushing (300MVA)     266
Epoxy Spacer     218
Epoxy Motor Terminal Plate     225