Switchgear Products

Products for the Switchgear Industry

Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of epoxy cast components for switchgear industry which can be custom made as per customer specification.


Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of bushings such as wall through bushings,fire proof bushings etc for switchgear industry.

These bushings can have copper, brass or aluminium conductors as per customer requirement. The conductors can be flats or rods or a combination of both. The application can be any medium such as air, oil or SF6.

We can give you insulated busbars which are epoxy cast bus-bars for safe handling. You can specify your requirement and we have a solution for it.


Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of components such as shrouds, housings, spouts etc for switchgear industry.

We have a large product range in this catogory. Most of these components are made as per customers’ specific requirement. Components for use on GIS are also made in large numbers. The voltage class upto which we supplied these components is 400 KV.

Epoxy Resin Cast Components


Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of insulators such as support insulators, busbar insulators etc for switchgear industry. These insulators can be offered with inserts made of different metals such as Mild steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Aluminium or any material specified by the customer. The positioning of the insert also can be adjusted to suit the customer’s requirement.

Although we have quite a number of designs in these insulators, customers come with specific designs and we develop these for them. The consideration factors are the voltage class of the insulator, creepage distance, cantilever strength etc.

These insulators can be developed for usage in different medium like air, oil or in gases like SF6.

Other type of insulators for fireproof and explosion proof applications can also be developed on request.

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