Transformer Products

Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of epoxy cast components for transformer industry which can be custom made as per customer specification. Several standardised products such as LV bushings with different current carrying capacities for power transformers are in our regular production schedule.

Various components used for core support, On-load tap changers and also fire-proof and explosion proof components are also made by us. You can have a look at some of these components through this website.

You are welcome to send us your specific requirements and we shall be happy to give you the right products for your application.


Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of bushings such as wall through bushings, terminal bushings, bushing boards etc for transformer industry.

Terminal blocks having different configuration for termination in Current transformers and other products are in our product range. Bushing boards used in On-load tapchangers are also made by us. Mono blocks for power transformers are also made. Several wall through bushings are also made.

We request you to send us your queries for your specific reqirements and we shall be very happy to respond to you promptly.


Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of components as per customer specification  for transformer industry. Our products are used in OLTCs (On-load tapchangers) and supports for core where insulation as well as severe compressive strength are required.

We developed spacers for holding operating levers and some components where an interface between SF6 enviroment on oneside and oil on the other side are required. If you spell your requirement, we shall offer you the right product.

Epoxy Resin Cast Support Blocks


Pressgel Insulations manufactures various types of insulators such as support insulators, busbar insulators etc for transformer industry.

We request you to go through our insulator range in switchgear catgory and you will find one suited to your requirement. If not, we shall be very happy to develop one for you.